Sunrise Newlywed Couples Photos in Mishawaka

June 26, 2024

I loved meeting up with Jeff and Makayla for their newlywed couples photos in Mishawaka this spring at sunrise!

They more or less eloped a few months ago and never really got photos taken, and they wanted to change that! Makayla expressed their desire to take photos at the park where they first met. Because of her schedule, we decided to schedule their photos for sunrise! We met up at the Mishawaka River Walk and strolled over to Kamm Island Park for their couples photos. They had never gotten professional photos taken before, but they were naturals!

I loved chatting with these two newlyweds in our time together! They are in the process of beginning a rather large adventure soon which entails becoming Nomads! Traveling all over in their camper without knowing where they’ll lay their roots down next. I was beyond mind blown and impressed about how much they already had planned and researched. Jeff is a retired, disabled veteran, so they plan on using his income from that to pay for their minimal expenses. He’s also able to “work from home” for the design company he’s employed part time at. They’ve seriously got it all figured out, and I know who I’m going to if Stephen and I ever decide to become Nomads! LOL

I had a pretty hard time narrowing down my favorites for this blog post, so be sure to check them out below! I really enjoyed having Jeff and Makayla in front of my camera for their sunrise newlywed couples photos in Mishawaka. Check out the very last photo to see their reenactment of how they first met. If you’d like to set up your own photos, shoot me a message!