Sunrise Butler University Graduation Photos

June 26, 2024

This was my first time ever at Butler University, and Heather killed her sunrise graduation photos! Seriously though, campus was pretty empty so we almost had the whole place to ourselves. There was only one other photographer and grad who had the same idea as us at the big sign. Out of all the spots we used, Holcomb Gardens was definitely my favorite! The bulldog statue comes in a close second though! I love that she wanted to get some photos on top of it!

Heather technically graduated in December but wanted some professional photos before she joined the walking ceremony in May. We had so much fun walking around campus together and talking about her next plans. She’s actually returning to Butler for a degree in a completely different major in the fall! Her sweet smile and calm spirit were such a joy to have in front of my camera and I love how her photos turned out!

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites from Heather’s sunrise Butler University graduation photos for this blog post, so be sure to check them out below! If you’d like to set up your own photos, shoot me a message!