Snowy Winter Senior Photos in Fort Wayne

May 30, 2024

When it comes to snowy photos in the winter, you have to be pretty flexible! Thankfully, Kelsey was extremely flexible for her winter senior photos!

This was the second time I got to have Kelsey in front of my camera this year. If you saw her fall senior photos, then you know that this girl is such a natural! I really enjoyed my time with her in October, so I knew that I’d really enjoy it in February too. It was a little colder for these photos, so we took breaks in my car to stay warm in between photo sets. Salomon Farm Park provided the most perfect setting for her snowy winter senior photos! Kelsey looked absolutely stunning with the snowy trees and the snowflakes falling on her head!

I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this blog post, they’re all just so good! Kelsey’s snowy winter senior photos are definitely some of my favorites! Her smile just lights up the room and I’m honored to know her. Please do yourself a favor and scroll all the way through them. If you want to set up your own photos, shoot me a message! I can’t wait to make some magic with you!