Rustic Senior Photos on Auburn Farm with Truck

January 23, 2024

Bringing Matthias’s vision to life of rustic senior photos with his truck was a dream come true!

Matthias’s sister found me, his mom hired me, and Matthias followed every posing prompt I gave him to a T! His family owns 3+ farm properties in the same area so we got to take a ride in the “gator” to get a good variety. With an overcast sky, we had the freedom to get any angle and any background we wanted!

I absolutely loved that he wanted focus on photos with his truck! He spent the week prior to his photos washing his truck and making sure that it was picture ready. With his plaid shirt and cowboy boots on, he was clearly in his element. I loved riding around his family’s property with Matthias and his mom capturing some really special senior photos for him.

Matthias also wanted to get a few photos with his fully decorated letter jacket. He runs cross country at DeKalb High School and is clearly very good at it! It was so cool learning about his life as a high school senior and farmer’s son. I love how his photos turned out and would love for you to check out my favorites below. If you’d like to set up your own photos, shoot me a message!