Adorable Mom and Daughter Photos in Fort Wayne

January 19, 2024

Taking photos for this adorable mom and daughter duo in Fort Wayne this fall was a dream come true! Amber booked one of my fall mini time slots in October at Metea Park and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Harper brought so much energy to this session, it left both Amber and I a little breathless! But it was so worth it to get them so many beautiful photos. We let Harper take the lead with a few promptings here and there and I just snapped away. Let these photos prove that candid photos are simply the most precious art of life. We got one photo of Amber and Harper both smiling at the camera and that was it. They twirled, hugged, jumped, walked, ran, tickled, and just let themselves be them. It was beautiful.

When I tell you that it was HARD to pick my favorites for this blog post, I mean it. Not that I haven’t meant it in the past, but EVERY SINGLE photo in their gallery is PERFECTION. So please do yourself a favor and scroll until the end because these photos deserve to be seen and admired. Also, shoot me a message if you want to set up your own photos like these because I’d love to make that happen!