Key West Vacation 2023 Photos

April 14, 2023

My vacation in Key West this year was incredible!

If you didn’t already know, I’m a military girlfriend of just under 1.5 years. Stephen and I met in November of 2021 at my church but didn’t start dating until a year later when he was in military flight school in Alabama. Because he and his sister are both in the military, we stayed in a vacation home on one of the military bases there! The military does have some benefits 😉

We walked just about everywhere since the weather was perfect and parking was almost never free. We discovered some unique coffee shops like The Funky Rooster and The Koffie House on Greene, but we also made a lot of coffee in our vacation home too! Eating seafood nearly everyday did not disappoint and discovering different sea creatures during low tide at the beach was invigorating! And instead of squirrels, chipmunks, or rabbits running around aimlessly like we have in the midwest, we were surprised to see free-range chickens and roosters populating most streets!

Here’s a list of everything we managed to squeeze in during our short week in Key West:

Check out my favorite photos below!