Extended Family Photos in Fort Wayne for Perez Family

April 10, 2023

I absolutely LOVE meeting up with past clients for extended family photos, and the Perez Family is no exception!

The weather in Fort Wayne during the week prior to these photos was horrible, so I was ecstatic to have beautiful golden hour lighting! It was still a bit chilly so we kept moving as quickly as possible. Blankets and coats were kept close by so that they were easily accessible when switching out for photos. Everyone were troopers and we made it through so gracefully and without any tears!

Lakeside Rose Gardens unfortunately didn’t have many blooms yet, but we got to use the evergreen trees to our advantage! Cindy, Daniel, and baby Maria took one of my Christmas minis over the winter and we had such a good time! I am beyond honored that Cindy reached out again for spring photos with her extended family! There is quite a bit of variety with this group: two engaged couples, a 1-year old (+ her family), grandparents, and great-grand parents! Getting every combination we could think of was no small feat, but it wasn’t difficult at all! Maria’s unimpressed facial expression made an appearance in many of the photos, but she never fussed and she started smiling towards the end!

It’s so evident how much everyone loves each other in this family, and Maria clearly gets spoiled very easily 😉 Everyone dressed to the nines and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out!

Be sure to check out some of my favorites below and shoot me a message if you want to schedule your own photos!