Industrial Family Photos at Electric Works in Fort Wayne

May 13, 2024

This goofy family is one of my favorites! Their industrial family photos at Electric Works in Fort Wayne were full of laughs, gymnastics, and smiles. This was the last set of photos I took with my rented Sony gear this winter and I love them!

The Lipscomb family has been so special to me for several years now. I’ve had the honor of having them in front of my camera a few times! Korbin became my friend when he was in middle school while I helped out with the youth group. I became friends with his mom, Nina, shortly after and my life has never been the same. She and I quickly connected and our friendship quickly blossomed. After a year or so, she became my co-small group leader and we’ve been a force to be reckoned with ever since.

Her whole family has a special place in my heart and it’s been so cool to watch each of them grow up. Capturing each of their unique personalities is one of my greatest pleasures in life! We’ve gone to locations full of nature for photos in the past, but Nina decided to switch it up this year. Please check out my favorites below and shoot me a message if you’d like to set up your own photos.