Quick and Easy Senior Photos for Twin Brothers in Fort Wayne

March 4, 2024

Boys typically don’t like getting their senior photos done, so making them quick, easy, and painless is always my goal. Meeting up with Henry and Harrison at Promenade Park this fall for their senior photos was no different!

We got a few photos of them together, but otherwise we just had them switch out in each spot we used. It worked super well and they were done with their photos within 30 minutes! That was probably still too long in their eyes, but we got some variety and I know their mom loves that. They followed directions and understood each posing instruction so their photos turned out great! I think they secretly loved the no smiling photos. LOL 😉

These sweet boys and their mom were a blast to hang out with for a little while. The sun was shining beautifully and there was hardly anyone else at the park! Even though these quick and easy senior photos were the fastest I’ve every finished a regular session, I still got so many great photos! Be sure to check my favorites out below. Shoot me a message to set up your own quick and easy senior photos in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and beyond!