Fun Cap and Gown Photos for Notre Dame Seniors

February 28, 2024

These were my first official cap and gown photos, and how exciting and fun that it’s for seniors graduating from Notre Dame! One of which is my sister 😉

Caitlin is now the second sibling of mine to graduate from Notre Dame. The first was Corey but he didn’t really care much for grad/cap and gown photos. And he graduated back in 2020 so there wasn’t really an option to do photos on campus at the time anyways. Either way, I’ve got some smarty siblings! And my family has been huge Notre Dame football fans for as long as I can remember so that makes their graduations even more exciting!

My sister wanted some solo photos and some group photos with a couple of her closest friends in their final days as students on campus. We started at their dorm (where Caitlin was an RA), and then moved to the golden dome, and then finally the senior gate at the all-famous football stadium. It was a gorgeous day with not a lot of foot traffic so we got really lucky!

Spring is upon us and I’d love to add more fun cap and gown photos to my schedule – either high school or college! Shoot me a message if you’d be interested and we’ll make some magic together!