Adorable Fall Family Photos in Fort Wayne

December 27, 2023

The Howe family is one adorable bunch and it was so much fun taking their family photos this fall!

I absolutely love it when people who I used to work with at past jobs ask me to take photos for them. I got to work with Bethany at Culver’s for a couple of years and kept up with her on social media. When she reached out for family pictures, I couldn’t have been more excited! To see her become a wife and mom over these last few years and then photograph her sweet crew was such an incredible full circle moment!

I got to meet up with the Howe family at Salomon Farm Park at the beginning of fall. Big sis proved to be very independent and made us work for her smiles, but it was well worth it. Baby sis made it a little easier to get smiles but we had a blast with both! Both outfit choices were perfect and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

I had a hard time with choosing my favorites for this blog, but check them out below! And if you’d like to set up your own adorable fall family photo session, shoot me a message!