Playful and Romantic Anniversary Photos in Fort Wayne

December 19, 2023

Duke and Julia have been married for 3 years and they get photos taken every year for their anniversary! They were both playful and romantic which made capturing their anniversary photos so easy!

This sweet couple lives in northern Indiana but wanted to come down to Fort Wayne for their photos! They wanted a change of scenery, so that’s what we did! Duke joined the military a couple years ago and goes to his monthly drill in Wisconsin. Since I’ve been a military girlfriend for that much time, we immediately hit it off!

Walking around Lakeside Park on a perfect summer evening with these two was so good for my soul! Part of their yearly tradition is taking a photo with a framed photo. This framed photo started with their wedding photo and then they took a photo with it on their first anniversary. They update this photo every year and this year, their framed photo included the previous two years plus their wedding photo! It is such a neat idea and I love their creativity!

Please be sure to check out my favorites below. And shoot me a message if you want to set up your own playful and romantic anniversary photos!