Photos for High School Senior on a Bee Farm in Fort Wayne

December 6, 2023

Thomas is a senior at Bishop Luers High School and wanted to get his senior photos taken at his property! At first I though he simply lived on a good amount of land that looked like a nature reserve. I quickly learned that his dad runs a bee keeping business and that his bee hives are scattered around the property!

There was plenty of space between us and the bees throughout our time together, but I managed to snap a couple of photos with them buzzing around Thomas’s head. What’s ironic is that he’s allergic to bees but it didn’t even phase him! It was overcast and slightly drizzling as we walked around his backyard, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. Thomas loves nature and he was such a natural in front of my camera! A lot of the property is open field so we made sure to utilize the few trees there are. It was so great getting to know Thomas and his dad even gifted me with some honey at the end! If you haven’t checked out McComb Bees online and at the Fort Wayne Farmer’s Market, you should.

Please check out my favorites below and shoot me a message if you’d like to schedule your own photos!