20 Year Golden Hour Wedding Anniversary Photos

August 21, 2023

Happy 20 year wedding anniversary to these two lovebirds! Mark and Livia’s wedding photos weren’t great and so they wanted to go all out for some anniversary photos! And get this, they chose to take these photos ON their anniversary!! To say that I was honored is an understatement!

Livia did her research and learned that emerald green is the color for 20 years. So she went to work and found a gorgeous dress and put her own little bouquet together! Mark donned the same suit and tie that he wore to their wedding and then PROPOSED with an anniversary ring in the SAME SPOT that he proposed the first time at Foster Park!! Even though you aren’t really able to tell, this was all planned ahead of time and Livia knew about the ring 🙂 But she still acted as if it was a surprise and it was the best thing EVER!

Mark and Livia literally made my job so easy! First of all, Livia was just so giggly the entire time and it was obvious that their love for each other just overflowed. Their 20 year wedding anniversary photos are definitely going down as some of my favorites to date!! If you’re interested in booking photos like these, shoot me a message and we’ll get started!