Downtown Fall Fort Wayne Engagement Photos

December 22, 2022

Ryan & Lindsay are tying the knot at Chapel Road Retreat in May and we had so much fun walking around Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne in later October taking their engagement photos!

I met Lindsay a few years ago when she visited the young adult group I help lead at my church. Life changes caused her not to join our group permanently but we hit it off really well! We weren’t able to keep up a whole lot, but her sister ended up joining our group and we also became good friends! When Lindsay got engaged, her sister recommended me to her for photography and it was a match made in Heaven 😉

I got to meet Ryan for the first time when we sat down to talk details and I could immediately tell that these two were made for each other! We got their engagement photos scheduled and after a few changes due to weather, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, overcast fall day! Goodness… these two can’t take a bad picture! It was SO hard narrowing down even 50 of my favorites to share with y’all! 🙂

Lindsay expressed her concerns right away about being awkward in front of the camera and ensured her (as I do with everyone) that I would tell her EXACTLY what to do! Even after the first cluster of posing prompts, but especially by the end of our time together, she was her perky self and couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was!! Ryan was a little more familiar with getting photos taken so he and I both encouraged her throughout our time together and you wouldn’t even believe she was nervous AT ALL!

Also, Lindsay is a teacher and she chose to take a half day off school to get her hair and makeup professionally done (insert praise hands)! I’m not usually one to applaud skipping school for reasons other than being sick or on vacation, but I definitely do in this scenario. It seriously made a HUGE difference in their photos and I highly recommend doing the same thing to anyone getting their photos taken!

That being said, please do yourself and check out their photos below and give them some love! Shoot me a message to schedule your own photos!