Lifestyle Newborn Photos in Fort Rucker, AL for Emerson Buie

September 26, 2022

First ever “military” lifestyle newborn photos!

If you didn’t already know, I’m a military girlfriend and I usually go visit my boyfriend down in Fort Rucker, Alabama about once a month! Well, his friend and classmate (who has now become my friend too) had a baby and I got to take pictures of him the last time I was down there! Funny thing is that BJ had to leave for South Carolina when I came to visit so I just took photos of his wife, Natalie, instead! We plan on taking a few updated family pictures for them when I come back to visit (probably November).

That being said, this lifestyle newborn session was so much fun (and tiring at times) and I was excited to incorporate some army things into the photos! Normally you plan to do newborn photos in the first week or 2 after the baby is born, but we did them a little closer to 3 weeks! It all turned out fine, but he did grow quite a bit since being born LOL 🙂

Please check out a few of my favorites below and shoot me a message if you want to schedule your own photos!