Family Photos at the Lakehouse for the Schlatter Family

September 6, 2022

Meet the Schlatter Family and check out their sweet family photos!

I have had the honor of knowing these wonderful people for several years and they never cease to amaze me with their incredible talents and generosity!

Jamie is my church’s kid’s ministry coordinator for our Leo campus and Matt is a rock star volunteer helping with all things tech on Sunday mornings. Tori and Shelby are both incredibly talented young ladies helping in various roles in and outside of the church walls! The Schlatter family lives on a farm but they recently bought and flipped their lake house and thought that it would be the perfect setting for their family pictures!

Shelby originally reached out to me for family photos to be a surprise for her mom, but I later found out that she had to make her mom aware of the surprise 2 days after we made it official LOL so by the time their family photos came, it was no longer a surprise, but it was still a great time! At one point, their fur baby stopped right in front of Matt and Jamie to poop while I was taking their picture!! Out of the whole yard, Jax decided to go potty right in front of the camera! To say that we all had a good laugh is an understatement. And of course I had to capture it on camera LOL

Their session was so full of laughter and cuteness, it was hard to pick just a few favorites, but I did and I really hope you’ll check them out below! Shoot me a message if you want to schedule your own photos!