Quinn Saleik – Fall Senior Photos – Promenade Park, Fort Wayne, IN

December 14, 2020

Meet Quinn! He is a senior at Canterbury High School this year and is hoping to attend college in Nashville in the fall to pursue his passion and talent for music. As much as it pains me that he won’t be sticking around Fort Wayne, he would be crazy not to pursue such a great opportunity considering his musical talent is INSANE! He leads worship on a regular basis for middle school and high school youth group and he even led corporate worship at our Leo church campus for a couple months while they searched for another worship leader! His heart for the Lord spills out into everything he does and it has truly been an honor getting to know him over the past couple years and even more so to take his senior pictures!

I got to meet Quinn when I became a small group leader for 7th grade girls in 2018 and he was a small group leader for middle school boys in the same youth group! We didn’t really interact a whole lot at first but over the past couple years, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. Like I said before, he is INSANELY talented musically, and he’s just a great guy all around. He is legitimately one the the most (if not most) mature high school senior guy I’ve ever met! He’s also really smart and uses that big brain of his to tutor kids of all ages.

He chose Promenade Park for his pictures since it gave a city and nature feel. I definitely didn’t complain because I love taking pictures on the Wells Street bridge and I always love trying out new places. When we first got to Promenade Park, we were limited in options for pictures because of the placement of the sun. We worked with it though and ended up finding a spot with PERFECT lighting about halfway through his session. And man did we shoot the heck out of that spot lol You’ll probably be able to tell what pictures I’m talking about when you look through all of them! Quinn was a natural in front of the camera and we got a lot of really great shots for his senior gallery! I feel like I got twice as many pictures as I normally get of guys for their senior pictures since he brought his guitar. He was a trooper and super fun and easy to work with! Check out his full gallery below!